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Happy Pets, Happy Homes: Best Picks for your Furry Friends

Make your home the best place for your pets by indulging them in the comfort and style of Space General's specially curated Pet Collection. We understand that our furry companions are an integral part of the family, and our range of pet products is designed to provide them with the ultimate comfort, playfulness, and relaxation.

Cat Trees/Towers with Scratching Posts

Elevate your cat's world with cat trees and towers featuring scratching posts at different heights. These structures not only provide a sense of adventure for your feline friend but also serve as the perfect outlet for their natural scratching instincts. Crafted with sturdy materials, our cat trees ensure durability and stability, offering a secure space for your cat to climb, scratch, play and nap.

  • Interactive Play: Engage your cat in interactive play and exercise as they explore various levels and scratching posts.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with sturdy materials, our cat trees withstand vigorous play, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for your pet.

Dog Beds and Sofas for Ultimate Comfort

Give your pets the gift of a cosy retreat with our range of luxurious dog beds and sofas. Crafted with soft, pet-friendly fabrics, these beds and sofas provide a comfortable spot for your pets to rest and recharge. Available in various sizes and styles, they are not just a treat for your pets but also complement your home's decor.

Fluffy Calming Beds

Create a haven of tranquility for your pet with our fluffy calming beds. Designed to provide a sense of security, these beds feature plush materials that envelop your furry friend in warmth and comfort. Perfect for both cats and dogs, our calming beds offer a soothing retreat for moments of relaxation and peaceful sleep.

  • Reduced Anxiety: The enclosed design and plush materials create a secure space, reducing anxiety in pets.
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable and machine-washable covers make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.

Dog Sofa Bed

For pets who love a touch of luxury, our dog sofa bed is the perfect choice. These sofas combine style with functionality, providing a designated space for your pets to lounge in comfort. With plush cushions and stylish designs, our dog sofa beds make for an elegant addition to your home while ensuring your pets have their own cosy corner.

Dog Crates/Cages for Security and Training

Ensure the safety and well-being of your dog with durable and secure dog crates/cages. Whether for travel, training, or a cosy retreat, our crates provide a secure space for your dog. With thoughtful design and quality construction, our crates offer a blend of comfort and security, making them an essential addition to your pet care arsenal.

  • Safe Retreat: Creates a secure and private space for your dog to retreat and relax.
  • Training Aid: Facilitates effective training and behaviour management for your pet.

Playpen Mesh for Small Animals

For small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, or ferrets, our playpen mesh provides a safe and spacious environment for play and exploration. The breathable mesh ensures proper ventilation, while the sturdy construction guarantees a secure play area. Set it up indoors or outdoors to let your small pets enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

  • Ventilated Space: The breathable mesh design ensures proper airflow, keeping your small pets comfortable.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Versatile design allows you to set up the playpen indoors or outdoors, providing a safe and stimulating environment for your pets.

We believe that happy pets contribute to happy homes. Space General's Pet Collection is thoughtfully curated to meet the diverse needs of your furry friends, ensuring they feel loved, comfortable, and entertained. Pamper your pets with the best, and watch as your home becomes a haven of joy and contentment for every member of your family, four-legged or not. Happy pets, happy homes!