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Space General : Home Storage Solutions for You

Creating the ideal tidy home environment can feel like a lot of effort. Some choose to declutter by reducing the items they have around. Others store large amounts of knick knacks in cupboards, pantries, garages or spare rooms. This seems like a practical idea but realistically every time you go into that space you are bombarded by stuff! The most notorious of these is the tupperware cupboard or draw. That place you are just cramming the containers into, only to be lost in the mess - With no lid or container ever matching again. 

Well what if we told you there was a solution to your storage problems? That at the end of the day the entirety of your home could be neatly packed away? 

Space General is here to help with your home storage solutions. We have gone through every room in the house to help you to maximise the space you have. And create a home that feels more ordered without getting rid of any treasures. 

Space General : Who Are We? 

Welcome to Space General we are a storage solutions website that offers a range of affordable and high quality storage options. Our focus is on creating the best space saving solutions for our customers. We understand in some homes the space can be tight, or some rooms used more than others, creating clutter. So we have strategically assessed each room in the house to identify how we can place practical items in that space that will minimise the clutter. In doing this we went through each room of the home to consider what the best solutions were to resolving the mess. Questioning what items would look great in each room, ensuring that each storage option on our site is both innovative and aesthetically pleasing. 

We have listed some of our stock below and how they optimise each space. So that you can visualise how Space General can help with your home storage solutions. 

Living room and Kitchen

There are so many ways you can utilise your space in these high use areas. The living room accumulates a lot of clutter, a storage Ottoman storage is your ideal space saver! This is the perfect piece of furniture when it comes to the living room. It fits perfectly with other furniture and is easy for every family member to help with the tidying at the end of the day. The storage ottoman can be used in a similar way to a coffee table, or as a side seat. We have small to large ottomans with the capacity and size to fit your living room. Make sure to take a look at our storage ottomans for your living room space saving convenience. 

Check out the Storage Ottoman range 

Other ways to store and sort household items is through shelving and organisers. Our range includes shelving to be hung in the living room or hallway. These units can hold picture frames, books and other decorative items. This is helpful in displaying items in order to integrate the items into the room aesthetics. Additionally in the kitchen you may want a more discreet approach to sorting your items. Our shelf and drawer organisers help with this, or choose a shelving unit that will pose as a display cabinet for multipurpose use in the kitchen. 

Take a look at our unique kitchen and living room storage options. 


Learn more and shop the whole kitchen and living room range.

Bedroom Storage  

For a bedroom you want a few more options to store various bedroom items. Sometimes the most difficult item to keep organised is clothing. Some bedrooms come with limited wardrobe space and, let's face it, we often have an excess of clothing. Our range of clothing racks, portable wardrobes and coat racks provide that extra clothing space that is needed. They also can move around with you, so are an excellent permanent or temporary solution to excess clothing in your room. 

In a kids bedroom you may need storage for clothes, books, toys etc. There are a variety of practical and innovative ways this can be done. Our bedroom collection offers a range of great options for a childs room including a kids storage shelf where you can put all of your childs play material in the one location. We also have storage cubes and soft storage boxes that are practical for a childs room or any other bedroom. 

Take a look at our bedroom range today. 

Laundry and Bathroom

The laundry and bathroom are two locations where space is often limited but it is helpful to have a storage solution that will neatly sort anything in that vicinity. For the laundry you may need a storage solution that sorts dirty and clean clothing or has somewhere to dry clothing. Our laundry range includes a laundry sorting hamper and clothes hangers/airers. In the bathroom you may need a place to put soaps, toothbrushes and other bathroom materials. Storage racks are the best option in this space as they are compact but can hold a range of items. They also are easy to clean and keep in a neat and orderly fashion. 

Browse our laundry and bathroom storage range today. 

Now you are familiar with some of Space General’s products, and motivated to get organised! Make sure to take a look at our entire range of products to find the items that will best suit your needs. You will find a range of practical storage options. And bask in the ability to have a clean and orderly home, with minimal effort!