Purchase & Preorder Guide

It's our goal to bring you the best products at the very best prices! We'd like to be super transparent with you, so there's no confusion about delivery time frames. We've created this handy guide to help you understand where we get our products from, and how long it will take us to get them to your door. 

In-Stock Products

An in-stock product is anything that is on the shelves of our warehouse and ready to send out.  In-stock products ordered will be dispatched on the same or next working day.

Shipping is typically 1-3 business days within NZ however please check our shipping and delivery page for up-to-date information.


Pre-orders means you reserve items before they arrive at our warehouse. You'll receive these items once they're in stock.

If your order includes both pre-ordered and in-stock items, we typically wait until everything has arrived at our warehouse before shipping your order out. However, if you prefer to receive the in-stock items earlier, just reach out to us!

Please note that splitting your order may result in additional $5 admin fee plus delivery fees.

Changed your mind about a pre-order? No worries! You have the flexibility to cancel your pre-order at any point before we receive your item in our warehouse. We're here to help make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

Preorder FAQS

What is the Estimated Dispatch Date?

The Estimated Dispatch Date is when we expect to dispatch your order from our warehouse in Auckland. This information is in every Pre-Order product page inside the Add To Cart button.

How does the payment Work?

Preorder items must be paid entirely at the time of purchase. By choosing to make a preorder purchase, you are securing your product at the lowest possible price.

Can I cancel a preorder?

Absolutely! At any point before your preorder has been shipped, we can cancel and refund your preorder. 

Can I preorder more than one item at a time?

You sure can! Just be aware that your order won't be shipped until all items have arrived at the warehouse. So if you preorder a product that's arriving in October and another item that's not arriving until November, you'll have to wait until November for your whole order.

Why has the price changed?

We may update pricing to reflect new information or to maintain our competitive pricing. Please note that as of August 2022 - if the price you purchased a pre-order products for is higher than the price at release, we will refund you the difference.