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How to choose a Christmas tree

Whether you've recently shifted to a new place and are on the hunt for that initial festive tree, or your trusty old tree from yesteryears seems to have lost its charm after its annual hibernation in the attic or garage, the search for the perfect Christmas tree can be daunting. In this guide, we help you navigate the myriad of choices to find that perfect tree that matches your space, budget, and aesthetic.

Further down, we've also laid out a concise overview of our diverse range of Christmas trees. This will help you quickly discern the look, style, and height that resonates with your preference. Additionally, for those who fancy a touch of pre-decor, we've highlighted which styles come with pre-lit options.

Key Factors to Remember When Picking an Artificial Christmas Tree:

  • Height: A crucial rule of thumb is to maintain at least a 15cm gap between the pinnacle of your tree and the ceiling. Don't forget to factor in the height of any decorative toppers, as they can inadvertently result in your tree or ornaments pressing against the ceiling, causing potential harm.

  • Realism: The authenticity of your artificial Christmas tree is often determined by the type of material used and the density of pine tips. A higher proportion of PVC plastic tips in relation to the tree's height offers an idea of its potential fullness. It's worth noting that a 'slim' descriptor doesn't imply a sparse tree; it simply means the branches are shorter in length.

  • Tree Fluffing: Once you've got the base and trunk set up, remember to fan out the tips prior to fixing them to the trunk. This ensures a lush, even appearance. A handy trick for effortless decoration is to angle the branches outward and slightly upward, radiating from the tree's core.

Popular Christmas Tree Styles in NZ:

  • Traditional: The quintessential Christmas tree, traditional variants showcase that familiar, lush green pine appearance reminiscent of genuine pine trees. They're essentially blank canvases, offering vast decorative possibilities and seamlessly fitting into any Kiwi home's style.

  • Flocked: These trees echo the design of traditional ones but come with an enchanting snowy overlay. They infuse a touch of northern-hemisphere festive spirit into any space. The snowy white foundation is especially apt for coastal and classic decor themes.