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Refresh Your Space: A New Year's Guide to Home Reorganisation

Greetings everyone! As we dive into the new year, let's give our homes a fresh makeover. We're thrilled to share some simple tips and showcase fantastic products from Space General that can help you organise and enhance your living space.

New Year, New Home - Setting the Scene: Imagine a clean, organised space. It's time to bid farewell to the clutter and welcome a home that radiates positivity and order.

The Basics - Top Home Tidying Tools:

  1. 2 Tier Under Sink Organiser

    • This clever organiser maximises the often-overlooked space under your sink, creating room for essentials and providing easy access to your daily needs, making your kitchen or bathroom look more neat. Check it out here.
  2. Toy Storage Basket Organiser and Play Mat

    • Perfect for keeping your child's play area tidy and gives you ample storage for other stuffs. Take a look here.

  3. Fabric Storage Bins with Dual Handles (Grey Set of 6)

    • These stylish bins can be used in any room, featuring dual handles for easy transportation. Consider labeling them for quick and efficient organisation in your space. See them here.
  4. Esme Vertical Floating Bookcase - Black

    • Offers a stylish way to maximise vertical space. Showcase your favourite reads or decorative items with this modern addition to your home. Find it here.
  5. FlexiFit Stack Storage Bin (32 Litres and 72L)

    • A space-saving multipurpose essential with a stackable design and durable construction. Tailor your storage to suit your needs, using smaller bins for more frequent items and larger ones for seasonal belongings. Also available in 72Litres. Get the scoop here.

Making Your Closet and Laundry Easy:

  1. Fabric Portable Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organiser - Black

    • Moveable closet that keeps your clothes organised and easily accessible. Categorise your clothing for a streamlined morning routine. Check it out here.
  2. Rattan Laundry Basket (90L) With Removable Liner Bag - Natural

    • Elevate your laundry routine with its stylish design and removable liner making your laundry day a breeze. Take a look here.

On-the-Go Helpers - Travel and Kitchen:

  1. Travel Storage Organiser Set - Black (Set of 4)

    • For organised travel, keep your essentials in designated compartments for a stress-free journey, and use different organisers for toiletries, electronics, and clothing. See it here.
  2. 2-Tier Metal Kitchen Counter Pantry Shelf Spice Organiser Silver

    • Maximising counter space and offering stylish storage for your spices, This shelf enhances both functionality and aesthetics. Find out more here
  3. Modular Storage Shoe Rack (Set of 6)

    • Provides customisable shoe storage for your entryway or closet. Stack them to save floor space and create a personalised arrangement for your footwear collection. Take a closer look here.

Let's make this year a time for a neat and cosy home! Explore these fantastic products from Space General and make your place feel awesome. Click here to see all the helpful stuff we've got. Here's to a fresh start and a home that's super tidy and cheerful!