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The Storage Ottoman: Optimising Your Furniture

Ottomans are potentially the most useful piece of furniture in a room, they create an air of elegance whilst being extremely practical pieces of furniture . The Ottoman can be used in your living room - as a games table, a footrest, a catering station or extra seating space. In a bedroom or study they offer an extra seat for comfort or a placeholder to put clothes or luggage on. So when considering maximising your storage space, The Storage Ottoman is a great option to consider. For those on the fence, or those uncertain about which Ottoman will best suit your needs, Space General has a bit more information about this great piece of furniture to help you with your decision making. 

The History of the Ottoman

The Ottoman traces its roots to the Ottoman Empire - a particularly popular piece of furniture in Turkey and northern parts of Africa. Initially it was designed as a low wooden table, with cushions piled on the top. To be used as extra seating, leg rest or as a feature in the room. The Ottoman design grew in popularity across much of Europe and has now been embraced by many other cultures. Each with their own take on the design.

In England and New Zealand the Ottoman is particularly popular as an extra feature piece complimenting a lounge suite or at the foot of a bed for extra storage. Both countries have further modified the design to incorporate the pillow into the design. Generally coming with a pillow that is firm so ornaments or catering can be placed on it, but also comfortable enough to be used as extra seating. In European designs the Ottoman tends to be circular and can be accompanied by the Ottoman footstool which is a smaller design. In New Zealand the design for an Ottoman varies - rectangular and square Ottomans are the most popular shape, complementing popular kiwi lounges such as leather lounge suites and more symmetric room layouts.

The main practical advancement of the Ottoman in recent years is the use of the Ottoman as storage. Ottomans that are capable of placing items inside to reduce room mess have become a viable alternative to the coffee table. The Ottoman generally has a larger storage space than drawers in a coffee table. And is multipurpose, so more practical for a multi use room such as the living room. 

The Large Ottoman 

The large ottoman is a great alternative to a coffee table in the living room or a side seating and storage area in any room of the house. With the capacity of up to 120litres depending on the size of your room, and your choice of ottoman.  In the living area the large ottoman is excellent for storing books, magazines, children's toys and other clutter in the living room space.

Medium ottomans offer a similar practicality and are slightly more compact. Additionally some ottomans come with interior dividers to create a  more organised approach to your storage system. The exterior of the large or medium size ottoman can match a leather couch or provide a chique miss-matched look depending on the aesthetic of the room. In other rooms such as the base of a bed in the bedroom, large storage ottomans are useful for placing sheets and bedding inside. Making those extra items more accessible when needed. 

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The Ottoman Bench

The Ottoman bench is a smaller version of the ottoman, much like the ottoman footstool in Europe. The intention of this ottoman is primarily storage but holds great value as a feature furniture piece in any room. Much more visually appealing than the storage box or a large cabinet. New Zealanders primarily love the use of the ottoman bench in childrens rooms as a place to store toys and accessories. They can be used as seating in the child's room and are safe to open and close for smaller children, when tidying or collecting toys. 

The Ottoman Bench is also a great option as a footstool in the living room, taking up less space than large options and providing a foot rest for a single chair or storage at the side. 

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The Ottoman is a popular and important part of the living room. Particular if it can be used for other purposes such as storage. Space General offers a wide range of high quality Ottomans, produced with different fabrics depending on the furniture in the required room. Our Storage Ottomans also are foldable, allowing for you to condense the Ottoman upon moving or if it too needs to be stored away. We recommend browsing our Ottomans here, your best option in New Zealand for high quality storage Ottomans shipped to your door!